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Lorissa (who had permission to post to all the lists she is on) phrased it much better than I did:


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It is with deep regret and much sorrow that after getting permission from Sven, I pass on that Duchess Kolfinna will loose her brave fight with H1N1 today, October 1st, 2009. We all feel a great loss but Kolfinna’s family asks that her friends refrain from coming up to the hospital. There will be a memorial at Great Western War and there will be more information on that and final arrangements posted on the website later


Yes, it is true.  Kolfinna will be removed from life support this afternoon.  The family asks that people do NOT come out.  There will be something at GWW but we do not have details yet.  More information will follow.


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has been removed.  Sorry for those who caught it.