More about the Meridian tourney

I just received this from a friend of ours in Meridies. I thought people might like to read it:

Just wanted to let everyone know that there was an overwhelming response to the orange ribbons I brought to Meridian Grand Tourney; I didn’t take any pictures, but all the fighters and many of the populace proudly wore theirs to show support for Kolfinna.

One of the tournaments held during the day was sponsored by the Order of the Chalice; each entrant pays $20 and the person who wins the tourney has the prize money (plus additional monies raised by the simultaneous fundraiser luncheon) donated in his or her name to a women’s and children’s shelter in their hometown. The winner, Duke Ailgheanan mac Sithigh, asked that the prize (totalling $1600) be donated to a shelter in the San Diego area in Kolfinna’s name.

Thought that might brighten everyone’s day. Give Kitty hugs from all her Meridian friends the next time you see her.