09/28 — Better news

Sorry everyone, I meant to post last night but I never actually sat in front of my computer and typed this up. Kitty is doing much better now.  she was stable all day yesterday and her numbers are slowly climbing back up. Today is more of the same. She is still in critical condition, but she is still in the game.   I want to thank everyone at rapier open who fought for her. There was also a tournament in Meridies on Saturday and apparently many fighters there fought for her as well because our Kitty is well loved throughout the known world. She is so well loved that security had to throw many well wishers out of the waiting room on Sunday, because she had between 20 and 40 people waiting to see her at any given time.  We still have no prognosis for when she will be off the respirator, but I will keep you all posted. — Sven

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