09/23 post

I just got back from the hospital and Kitty has had a slight setback. Her Kidneys have shut down so the doctors were forced to put in a tube so that they can put her on dialysis.  The doctor told me that this is not too unusual in cases like hers and that he expects no long term damage to her kidneys but this is definitely not a good thing to happen. Her ventilator numbers have also gotten worse and the doctors had to increase her settings to keep her blood saturation numbers up.  I know that this is not what we wanted to happen but Kitty is strong and she will get better.  Everyone keep thinking positive thoughts and we will have our Kitty back soon.


  1. Aelina
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    May Freja’s tears rain upon you for healing and love.
    “Crushed amber was once used to heal blood ailments.”
    Aelina, Gaukr, Ottar and Dyrfinn

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