Thurs Update

I went back to the hospital tonight and got some very good news. I talked with one of the pulmonary specialists(Jose)and he is very happy with her progress. He spent about 3 hours on Tuesday night working on her after they put the chest tube in for her collapsed lung and got her saturation percentage up to 95%. I know I posted about this before but I hadn’t talked to him directly. He and the nurses are now very happy with where Kitty is in terms of her oxygen intake. Before Tuesday night they were much more concerned. He cautioned me that he only has an opinion on her pulmonary status and can’t say anything about her overall status, and that she will be in intensive care for quite a while longer. They were able to drop the oxygen percentage that they are pumping into her to 95% so things are definitely looking up.

They also lowered the sedatives that they are giving Kitty so she is actually somewhat responsive now. She tried to open her eyes when I talked to her and she definitely knew I was in the room. The nurses say that she can have visitors but don’t want her to see too many people in a day because she is still very weak. Please don’t go up and see her yet. When she is stronger I will let you know but I am very pleased with how she is doing.

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