Wed Update 2

Yet another update. Kitty’s numbers are steadily improving. She is now between 94 and 95% on her blood saturation and I think that they lowered the pressure again. I am not yet sure how to read all the machines that she is on but I think that she is set for 25 for pressure (PSI?) I’m not sure what she was at before and the nurse I talked to couldn’t tell me without suiting up to go into her room. I will try to find out tomorrow and let you know. There is still nothing new on the infectious disease side since they are sending all of the samples to the CDC and it takes time to grow all the cultures. Because of this, I am fixating on all the pulmonary stuff. Her numbers are getting better and I am feeling optimistic. I will keep posting things as I find them out. Please cross post this to all concerned.   – Sven