Monthly Archives: September 2009

More about the Meridian tourney

I just received this from a friend of ours in Meridies. I thought people might like to read it: Just wanted to let everyone know that there was an overwhelming response to the orange ribbons I brought to Meridian Grand Tourney; I didn’t take any pictures, but all the fighters and many of the populace […]

09/28 — Better news

Sorry everyone, I meant to post last night but I never actually sat in front of my computer and typed this up. Kitty is doing much better now.  she was stable all day yesterday and her numbers are slowly climbing back up. Today is more of the same. She is still in critical condition, but […]

09/26 post

Hi everyone, I just got back from the hospital and it was a rough day. Kitty’s white blood cell count soared early this morning because she is fighting off an infection. I spent all day at the hospital with a lot of Kitty’s friends. She is stable now and her temperature has dropped. The hospital […]

09/25 post

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but nothing has really changed. Kitty is still getting dialysis and her numbers go up and down depending on when she was last treated. She had another fever that she has beaten so her pulse and blood pressure are back down and her oxygen level is pretty good. She is […]

09/23 post

I just got back from the hospital and Kitty has had a slight setback. Her Kidneys have shut down so the doctors were forced to put in a tube so that they can put her on dialysis.  The doctor told me that this is not too unusual in cases like hers and that he expects […]

The latest on Kitty

We finally have a diagnosis.  Kitty has the Swine Flu. I know that it sounds terrible, but at least we know what it is.  The nice thing about this is that the doctors and nurses now know exactly what they are fighting and can concentrate their efforts to get her better. The hardest part about […]

Sat Update

We just got back from the hospital and Kitty’s numbers are a little bit better.  Her oxygen saturation is at 95% and her ventilator has been turned down to 25 for the pressure (PSI?  I’m not sure what units they use) and 85% for the oxygen content. I’m learning far more about pulmonary care then […]

Thurs Update

I went back to the hospital tonight and got some very good news. I talked with one of the pulmonary specialists(Jose)and he is very happy with her progress. He spent about 3 hours on Tuesday night working on her after they put the chest tube in for her collapsed lung and got her saturation percentage […]

Clarification on last post

I re-read my post and I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I don’t think that Kitty has suffered any brain damage. Kitty’s parents are staying with me and are both hearing impaired so we do a lot of communcation by typing. When they read what I wrote they were very concerned. I phrased […]

Wed Update 3

Latest on Kolfinna. Nothing new to report. I went and saw her this morning. Her Oxygen percentage is at 92%, which is marginally higher than last night and all her vital signs are stable. They still haven’t gotten results back for what her infection is. At this point we just wait. Thanks for all your […]