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Greetings all, Kolfinna’s parents have set up a memorial for friends and family on Saturday October 24th (This Sat).  They have asked that everyone either wear something orange or bring orange flowers to throw into the sea or both if you wish.  I know this conflicts with Dreiburgen Anniversary but unfortunately we didn’t pick the […]

Sir Kolfinna Kottr, KSCA, OP

Sven has asked that I post that Kolfinna Kottr, Kitty Sexton, has been taken by the Valkyries today at 4:55.  She died as a true warrior with friends at her side and a weapon in hand. Thank you ALL for your continuous support through this extremely trying time. Thus ends the final court of Kolfinna […]

From Sven

The official word: EDIT: Lorissa (who had permission to post to all the lists she is on) phrased it much better than I did: ================================================ Please cross post: It is with deep regret and much sorrow that after getting permission from Sven, I pass on that Duchess Kolfinna will loose her brave fight with H1N1 […]

Sven’s Status

For all those who are worried for Sven, know that I am staying with him until Kitty returns (and possibly beyond if I am needed) to make sure that he is taken care of.  I am fortunate that I can work from home in my job.  I am also fortunate that Sven’s care and feeding […]