Greetings all,

Kolfinna’s parents have set up a memorial for friends and family on Saturday October 24th (This Sat).  They have asked that everyone either wear something orange or bring orange flowers to throw into the sea or both if you wish.  I know this conflicts with Dreiburgen Anniversary but unfortunately we didn’t pick the date.

Ventura Marina Park on Sat Oct 24 at 10:30 am.

From the 101 take the Seaward Avenue exit and turn towards the ocean. Drive until you reach Pierpont Avenue.  Turn left and drive until you reach the end of the road.


Sir Kolfinna Kottr, KSCA, OP

Sven has asked that I post that Kolfinna Kottr, Kitty Sexton, has been taken by the Valkyries today at 4:55.  She died as a true warrior with friends at her side and a weapon in hand.

Thank you ALL for your continuous support through this extremely trying time.

Thus ends the final court of Kolfinna Kottr.

Long live Kolfinna!


From Sven

The official word:


Lorissa (who had permission to post to all the lists she is on) phrased it much better than I did:


Please cross post:

It is with deep regret and much sorrow that after getting permission from Sven, I pass on that Duchess Kolfinna will loose her brave fight with H1N1 today, October 1st, 2009. We all feel a great loss but Kolfinna’s family asks that her friends refrain from coming up to the hospital. There will be a memorial at Great Western War and there will be more information on that and final arrangements posted on the website later


Yes, it is true.  Kolfinna will be removed from life support this afternoon.  The family asks that people do NOT come out.  There will be something at GWW but we do not have details yet.  More information will follow.


My input:

has been removed.  Sorry for those who caught it.


More about the Meridian tourney

I just received this from a friend of ours in Meridies. I thought people might like to read it:

Just wanted to let everyone know that there was an overwhelming response to the orange ribbons I brought to Meridian Grand Tourney; I didn’t take any pictures, but all the fighters and many of the populace proudly wore theirs to show support for Kolfinna.

One of the tournaments held during the day was sponsored by the Order of the Chalice; each entrant pays $20 and the person who wins the tourney has the prize money (plus additional monies raised by the simultaneous fundraiser luncheon) donated in his or her name to a women’s and children’s shelter in their hometown. The winner, Duke Ailgheanan mac Sithigh, asked that the prize (totalling $1600) be donated to a shelter in the San Diego area in Kolfinna’s name.

Thought that might brighten everyone’s day. Give Kitty hugs from all her Meridian friends the next time you see her.


09/28 — Better news

Sorry everyone, I meant to post last night but I never actually sat in front of my computer and typed this up. Kitty is doing much better now.  she was stable all day yesterday and her numbers are slowly climbing back up. Today is more of the same. She is still in critical condition, but she is still in the game.   I want to thank everyone at rapier open who fought for her. There was also a tournament in Meridies on Saturday and apparently many fighters there fought for her as well because our Kitty is well loved throughout the known world. She is so well loved that security had to throw many well wishers out of the waiting room on Sunday, because she had between 20 and 40 people waiting to see her at any given time.  We still have no prognosis for when she will be off the respirator, but I will keep you all posted. — Sven

09/26 post

Hi everyone, I just got back from the hospital and it was a rough day. Kitty’s white blood cell count soared early this morning because she is fighting off an infection. I spent all day at the hospital with a lot of Kitty’s friends. She is stable now and her temperature has dropped. The hospital has assigned a nurse to her room all night who will call me if Kitty’s status worsens. I am going back tomorrow and will let everyone know how she is doing.  I would like to thank all the rapier fighters who fought for her today and hope to give you all good news tomorrow. Keep a positive attitude and she will be through this soon.

09/25 post

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but nothing has really changed. Kitty is still getting dialysis and her numbers go up and down depending on when she was last treated. She had another fever that she has beaten so her pulse and blood pressure are back down and her oxygen level is pretty good. She is still very sick but she isn’t getting any worse.  It is very frustrating for me because I want my Kitty back now, but it is not unusual in these cases for people to be on the respirator for 3 weeks before they get strong enough to breathe on their own.

We all just have to wait and be patient. Keep thinking good thoughts and Kitty will be back with us before we know it.

09/23 post

I just got back from the hospital and Kitty has had a slight setback. Her Kidneys have shut down so the doctors were forced to put in a tube so that they can put her on dialysis.  The doctor told me that this is not too unusual in cases like hers and that he expects no long term damage to her kidneys but this is definitely not a good thing to happen. Her ventilator numbers have also gotten worse and the doctors had to increase her settings to keep her blood saturation numbers up.  I know that this is not what we wanted to happen but Kitty is strong and she will get better.  Everyone keep thinking positive thoughts and we will have our Kitty back soon.

The latest on Kitty

We finally have a diagnosis.  Kitty has the Swine Flu. I know that it sounds terrible, but at least we know what it is.  The nice thing about this is that the doctors and nurses now know exactly what they are fighting and can concentrate their efforts to get her better. The hardest part about this for me has been the waiting and uncertainty, but at least some of the uncertainty is gone.  At this point we just have to wait until she is strong enough to get off the respirator and breathe on her own. I have talked with many nurses and doctors and have heard a variety of guesses as to when that will be, but the simple truth is we just have to wait until she is healthy enough to get unplugged. I will keep everyone posted and let you all know if anything changes.   Thanks so much for all the support and encouragement you have given me and all the love that you have for her.  I talk to her every day and let her know how much everyone misses her.  She will be back soon.  — Sven

Sat Update

We just got back from the hospital and Kitty’s numbers are a little bit better.  Her oxygen saturation is at 95% and her ventilator has been turned down to 25 for the pressure (PSI?  I’m not sure what units they use) and 85% for the oxygen content. I’m learning far more about pulmonary care then I ever wanted to know. Jose, one of her pulmonary specialists is always fiddling with the settings trying to get her a bit more O2.
They have increased Kitty’s sedation medication because she actually woke up yesterday and tried to pull her tubes out. The hospital staff responded basically instantly and talked to her and explained what was going on and why she shouldn’t take the tubes out. Jose was there and said that when they talked to her, her eyes were tracking and she could understand everything that they told her. Then they increased her meds and back to sleep she went.
Baby steps.  She is getting better, but it is a slow, slow process. I will keep you all posted.